Dr. Hussein Rasool Abid

Dr. Hussein is currently working as a visiting scholar in Curtin University, Australia

Email: hr_aust2009@yahoo.com.au

former Ph.D student

Dr. Pradeep Shukla

Dr. Pradeep is current working as a postdoctoral research fellow in the University of Queensland, Australia.

Email: pradeep.shukla@uq.edu.au

former Ph.D student

Dr. Edy Saputra

Dr. Saputra is currently working as a Laboratory Head in the department of Chemical Engineering, Riau University,  Indonesia.

former Ph.D student

Dr. Guanliang Zhou

Dr. Zhou currently works as a technical officer in Curtin University, Australia


Email: guanliang.zhou@curtin.edu.au

former Ph.D student, 2010-2013

Dr. Yuxian Wang

Dr. Wang currently serves as an Assoc/Prof. in China University of Petroluem, Beijing, China

Email: wyx00215@126.com

former Ph.D student, 2012-2015

Dr. Xiaoguang Duan

Dr. Duan is currently working as a postdoctoral research fellow in Prof Shaobin Wang's group.

Email: xiaoguang.duan@curtin.edu.au

former Ph.D student, 2013-2016

Mr. Jijiang He

Jijiang's project was working on preparation and photocatalysis of graphite carbon nitride based 

Email: Jijiang.he@postgrad.curtin.edu.au

former Master student, 2013-2015

Mr. Yilin Liu

Yilin's project was on magnetic nanocatalysts for oxidative decomposition of persistent 
organic pollutants (POPs) in contaminated water

Email: Yilin.liu@postgrad.curtin.edu.au

former Master student, 2013-2015

Dr. Shizhen Liu

Shizhen was working on photocatalysis with modified carbon nitride in his PhD study.

Email: Shizhen.liu@postgrad.curtin.edu.au

former Ph.D Student 2013-2016

Dr. Zana Hassan Rada

Dr. Zana was working on preparing novel metal organic frameworks for carbon dioxide recycling and adsorption of methane, ethane and other gaseous substance.

Email: z.rada@postgrad.curtin.edu.au

former Ph.D student

Dr. Stacey Indrawirawan

Stacey was working on surface modification of carbon materials for metal-free catalysis in environmental remediation.

Email: stacey.indrawirawan@postgrad.curtin.edu.au

former Ph.D student

Dr. Ping Liang

Ping was working on MOF-derived catalysts for water pollution remediation.

former Ph.D student

Dr. Xiaochen Guo

Xiaochen was working on inorganic-organic halide perovskite solar cells and quantum dots sensitized solar cells as well as other photo voltaic systems  relating to converting energy.

​Email: xiaochen.guo@postgrad.curtin.edu.au

former Ph.D student 2014-2017

Dr. Chen Wang

Chen was working on developing  state-of-the-art protocols to synthesize novel nanocarbons  via facile approaches and cheap sources and applying carbon materials in environmental science.

Email: chen.wang9@postgrad.curtin.edu.au

former Ph.D student 2014-2017

Dr. Heng Ye

Heng was working on developing Micro/Nanomotors for environmental applications.

former Ph.D student, 2015-2018

Dr. Yazi Liu

Yazi was working on synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic study of novel Photocatalysts with application in solar energy conversion as well as wastewater treatment.

former Ph.D student, 2015-2018

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Dr. Hanwen Liang

Dr. Liang is current a research associate in Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Email: Hanwen.liang@curtin.edu.au

Visiting Scholar 2013-2014

Assoc/Prof. Yunjin Yao

Dr. Yao works in Hefei University of Technology as an asscociate professor. His interests focus on synthesizing nanocrystals and applying the catalysts for advanced oxidative processes and photocatalysis.

Email: yaoyunjin@gmail.com

Visiting Scholar, 2011-2012

Assoc/Prof. Degang Li

Prof Li is currently a Assoc/Professor in Shandong University of Technology, China. His research focuses on material chemistry and electrochemistry.

Email: ldg@sdut.edu.cn

Visiting scholar, 2014-2015

Dr. Jun Ke

Dr. Ke is currently a lecture in wuhan institution of technology. His research interests include synthesis and surface modification of colloidal inorganic nanostructures and functional composite nanomaterials for nanosensing and nanocatalysis

Email: kejunmars@hotmail.com

Visiting Scholar 2015-2017

Dr. Jie Liu

Dr. Liu is currently a lecture in North China Electric Power University.Her research interests focus on fabrication of functional heterostructured nanomaterials and their environmental applications.

Email: jie.liu@curtin.edu.au

Visiting Scholar 2015-2017

Assoc/Prof Linfeng Zhai

Dr. Zhai works in Hefei University of Technology as an associate professor. His research focuses on wastewater treatment and resource utilization

Email: linfengzhai@hfut.edu.cn

Visiting Scholar 2016-2017

Assoc/Prof Jianchao Ma

Dr. Ma serves as an associate professor in Taiyuan University of Technology. His research includes greparation and application of nano-agent and nanomaterial for wastewater and energy sources; comprehensive and green utilization of mineral and abandoned mineral.

Email: jianchao.ma@curtin.edu.au

Visiting Scholar 2016-2017

Assoc/Prof. Peiqiang Li

Dr. Li is currently an associate professor in Shandong Agricultural University with research interests in design and synthesis of functional nanomaterials for photoelectrocatalytic reduction of CO2.

Email: pqli@sdau.edu.cn

Visiting Scholar, 2016-2017

Dr. Zhenyu Chu

Dr. Chu is currently a lecture in Nanjing Tech University. His re-search interests focus on the design of regular-nanostructured materials for biosensor applications. 

Email: zychu@njtech.edu.cn

Visiting Scholar 2017-2018

Assoc/Prof. Caili Wang

Dr. Wang is currently an associate professor inTaiyuan University of Technology with interests in modification of various mineral powder for different applications.

Visiting Scholar, 2017-2018

Dr. Liang Zhao

Dr. Zhao is currently a senior engineer in SINOPEC Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals with research interests in design and synthesis ofmetal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for adsorption in gas and liquid phases.

Visiting Scholar, 2018-2019

Dr. Lei Li

Dr. Li is currently a lecturer in Guangdong University of Technology. His research interests focus on the preparation of bacterial carrier and application for wastewater treatment in fluidized-bed reactors.

Visiting Scholar, 2018-2019

​Dr. Xiaohua Ge

Dr. Ge is currently a senior engineer in Research Center for Eco-Environment in Shanxi. Her research interests focus on carbon emission accounting,  assessment on carbon-reduction technologies and low-carbon policies  assessment.

Email: xiaohua.ge@adelaide.edu.au

Visiting Scholar, 2018-2019

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Die Xie

Die is currently a third-year postgraduate from Huaqiao University. Her project in Shaobin's group is on catalytic dechlorination of chlorinated organic compounds by Pd/Fe bimetallic nanoparticle systems supported on mesoporous carbon materials.

Exchanging student, 2016-2017

Chen Han

Chen is currently a postgraduate in East China University of Science and Technology. Her research project in Shaobin's group is on advanced oxidative processes with novel metal-based nanocrystals

Visiting student, 2016

Qiuchen Wang

Qiuchen is currently a postgraduate student in China university of petroleum, Beijing. Her project in Shaobin's group on mental organic frameworks derived carbon materials for water treatment.

VIsiting student 2016

Shishu Zhu

Shishu is currently a PhD sutudent in Harbin University of Technology. He is working on the design and application of biochar and functional biomass based carbon material in environmental remediation, including heavy metals adsorption and catalysis of oxidation degradation.

Email: zhushishu@hit.edu.cn

Visting Student, 2018

Julia R. de Andrade

​Julia is a visiting Ph.D. student from University of Campinas, Brazil. Her research focus in Shaobin's group was on removing emerging pharmaceutical contaminants by advanced oxidation processes over porous carbon materials.

Email: julia_randrade@hotmail.com

Visiting Student 2018

Ruofei Chen

Ruofei was working on the development and modification of biomass-based activated carbons as well as bio-organic-metal frameworks (bio-MOFs) for adsorption in gas and liquid phases.

Email: ruofeichen@hotmail.com

Visiting Student 2018